Taxi Wielkens

Innovation on the road since 1990

Taxi Wielkens was establishes in Leiden in 1990 and has grown into one of the largest taxi companies in Leiden and its surrounding areas, and also one of the most innovative. From the beginning, Wielkens has continuously implemented new technologies to enhance its services. For instance, our Book A Taxi Online service is unique to taxis in the region. One of our 25 cars can always be with you in no time when you need a taxi in Leiden and its surrounding areas.

More than passenger transport

As well as the regular passenger transport, we also offer services such as executive taxis, minibuses for groups, airport services, wheelchair taxis, pupil/student transport, care transport and WMO (Social Support) transport. To ensure the very highest quality, our chauffeurs are trained in-house for all our services. Interesting detail: our team of chauffeurs was made up of 30% of women when we first started. Quite a rarity in such a male-dominated sector.

Latest developments

Taxi Wielkens is always at the forefront with the latest developments. We were the first to use LPG cars. And we were also the first to experiment with electric cars, in response to the demand for environmentally friendly transport options.

Our quality certification

The wishes and satisfaction of our customers is first and foremost in everything we do. This is evident from, among other things, the ISO 9001 certification we achieved in 2011. This certification guarantees the quality of our service provision.

Customer convenience

The automated fare diary and later the website that enabled customers to book taxi rides online, were developed to enhance the ease of use and convenience for customers. Our online calculator now allows you to calculate the price of your taxi ride. Various payment methods are available in the taxi.

Taxi Wielkens reviews by customers

We have built up a large and loyal customer base since 1990. Both our business customers and private customers have benefited from the many innovations we have introduced over the years. See what they think of our services in our reviews.

‘The basis of our company is our knowledge of people’

Director David Wielkens on Taxi Wielkens: “I had a part-time job as a taxi driver during my time studying Biology in Leiden. Most of my fellow students worked in bars and restaurants, but I thought driving was a lot more fun. You meet so many different people and you find yourself in the strangest situations, and sometimes you have to think on your feet. This is what makes driving a taxi so special. Not one fare is the same.” Read more…

Book a taxi

Taxi Wielkens enables you to easily book a taxi online in advance. Do you require a taxi immediately? Then call 071 – 589 05 03 or send a WhatsApp to: +31623407370