Frequently asked questions

How do I book a taxi online? Ga to book online and enter your details. A price will pop up and you can book the fare. Watch our tutorial:

Or read the tutorial on how to book a taxi.

If I book online, does that mean I have to pay online too? No, you just pay in the taxi as usual. (Unless you have an account with us.)

How can I be sure that my booking was successful? Your booking is added to our fare diary as soon as you click ‘Book’. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail as proof of a completed booking.

I get an error message after I click ‘Book’. Now what? Check that all required fields are filled in. A field will be circled in red if it still needs to be completed.

I am landing at Schiphol. Where will I be picked up from? By the departures hall, in the bend by the red traffic barrier. Read all about our Schiphol pick-up service.

Does Taxi Wielkens have child seats or booster seats in their taxis? No, you have to supply the car seat if you want your child to travel in one. We transport both small and large groups of passengers. If 8 passengers and luggage have to travel in a minibus together, there is no space left for a child seat. What’s more, car seats are not required by law in a taxi.

What does the Airport service for Schiphol and Rotterdam Airport cost? Read all about our Airport rates.

What is the metered fare charged by Taxi Wielkens? From 01/01/2014, the fare consists of the following:

Taxi Minibus Wheelchair bus

Starting fare €2.95 €6.00 €24.25

Kilometre rate €2.17 €2.73 €2.73

Time fare (per minute) €0.36 €0.41 €0.41

Example: a taxi ride of 2.5 km that takes 10 minutes costs €11.65.

Can I pay with my credit card? Yes, you can use your Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

How many passengers are allowed to travel in a taxi? The chauffeur can transport a maximum of four passengers. A minibus may be a more comfortable solution. A minibus can take a maximum of eight passengers.

How many passengers are allowed to travel in a minibus? A maximum of eight passengers.

Will I have to pay for a baby? No. A baby up to 24 months old can travel free of charge, as long as the baby sits on your lap.

I would like to travel on account. How can I arrange this? Send an e-mail to the administrative office ( with a request for an account. Please include the following in your e-mail:

– name (company name)

– contact person (if applicable)

– invoicing address

– telephone number

Our administrative office will create an account for you.