This is how to book a taxi online

Arranged with a few clicks


Go to Book a taxi online. Enter the time and the address for pick-up, any other fare information and your mobile number.

There is extra space below the addresses, for any comments on the addresses

Click book when you have completed every field. Your taxi is booked immediately. Also watch our tutorial video.

Vehicle type

Taxi/4 = taxi up to 4 passengers

Taxi/7 = taxi up to 7 passengers

Minibus/8 = minibus up to 8 passengers

Wheelchair = wheelchair bus

Flight number

When you book and airport taxi, please include your flight number in the comments by the pick-up address.


The booking will appear in the fare diary at the dispatch centre immediately after completion. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail. Check the details on the confirmation e-mail.

No e-mail system

The system is not an e-mail system. The fare is directly entered into the system and does not have to be processed by a dispatcher.

Not received a confirmation e-mail?

Did you not receive a confirmation e-mail? It may be that your fare was not booked correctly. Please call 071 – 589 05 03 to check your booking.

Booking a return journey

When you’ve completed a booking, a “Book return journey” button will appear. If you click this button, a screen will open that allows you to easily book a return journey.


The taxi will be ready for you at the required time. The chauffeur will invite you to step into the car.

Tutorial video

Watch our tutorial video on booking one of our taxis online:

How to book a fare from Schiphol

  1. Book our Schiphol taxi before your trip.
  2. Call us on 071-5890503 after you have landed, before you pick up your luggage.
  3. Have you picked up your luggage? Then make your way to the departure halls on the first floor. Go outside. You will see a red traffic barrier on the bend between departure halls 2 and 3. Your taxi will be waiting for you on that bend.
  4. If you are unable to find us, please call 071-5890503. We will help you get to the right place.