Our business service provision has always been the jewel in our taxi service crown. We now work for various organisations in the Leiden area on a regular basis, with mutual enjoyment! Read what our satisfied business customers say about us.

“When you want to arrange everything properly, quality transport is a must.”

Apotex Nederland Management

International business dealings mean that we regularly need transport to drive our people to and from Schiphol or a hotel. “Taxi Wielkens has presentable and helpful chauffeurs. That’s not always the experience we’ve had with other taxi companies. The Taxi Wielkens cars always look great too.” Read more…


“Taxi Wielkens is one of the cheapest taxi companies in Leiden.”

Front Office Manager Richard van Rhijn, Ibis Hotel Leiden

Ibis Leiden welcomes many (business) guests that expect a professional service at a competitive rate. “A taxi from Wielkens consistently results in a nice car with an impeccable chauffeur who knows what’s expected of him. Taxi Wielkens is one of the cheapest taxi companies in Leiden, if not the cheapest. By offering permanently low rates, guests pay less than for any other taxi service.” Read more…


“Taxi Wielkens is a tremendous help to Leiden Marathon”

Coordinator Emile van Aelst, Leiden Marathon

“Taxi Wielkens is a tremendous help to Leiden Marathon; transporting team members, runners and top athletes. I just send Wielkens a list of details, and the taxi company does the rest. Runners that arrive at Schiphol at the strangest times are all picked up with no problems. Since 2014, Wielkens has also looked after transport for those who have to drop out or give up. All this means that Taxi Wielkens has grown into an indispensable partner of the Leiden Marathon, one we can always count on.” Read more…


“The dispatch centre provides a clear indication of when the taxi will arrive.”

Management Assistant Miranda Marselis, UL-TS

“The price and quality of the service are in proportion at Taxi Wielkens. The cars and chauffeurs for business transport, as well as the taxis, are virtually always on time. What’s more, the fixed rate for a taxi to Schiphol is a lot cheaper than a ‘schipholtaxi’ and there is even the option of paying by credit card.” Read more…