Apotex review

"When you want to arrange everything properly, quality transport is a must."

Apotex Nederland is located at the Bio Science park in Leiden and has been part of the Apotex Group since 2004. This group is active in more than 115 countries and has more than 7000 employees. Apotex Nederland fulfils a central European function within the Apotex Group for several roles, such as registration, production, quality and logistics. Thanks to the global supply of generic products, Apotex makes a valuable contribution to affordable care. Apotex Nederland, with more than 200 employees, produces approximately 2 billion tablets per year and supplies pharmacies, chemists and supermarkets.

Helpful and presentable chauffeurs

International business dealings mean that we regularly need transport to drive our people to and from Schiphol or a hotel. “Taxi Wielkens has presentable and helpful chauffeurs. That’s not always the experience we’ve had with other taxi companies. The Taxi Wielkens cars always look great too.”


Apotex has good experiences with how punctual Taxi Wielkens always is. “Apotex guests often have a tight schedule. It is great that we do not need to worry about whether or not they are being picked up on time. Taxi Wielkens makes sure that the taxi is always on time; at the company, the hotel or at the pick-up point at Schiphol.”

Apotex prefers to use Taxi Wielkens. “When you want to arrange everything properly, quality transport is a must.”

Apotex Nederland Management.

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